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OD Consulting

Our team of HR consultants is well-versed in the various aspects of human resource management. We offer customized HR consulting services that help to boost your business in the following areas:

Policy Maker

Strategically aligned and employee-friendly HR policies establish an organization as the best place to work. We streamline the HR policies of our clients by integrating industry best practices that support and promote the development of an organization’s workforce and are also in alignment with the strategic objectives of an Organization.

Performance Management System

We at AUM realize that employees are one of the key factors for the success of an organization and performance management system plays a prominent role in getting the best out of the employees. At AUM, we help our clients by developing and implementing a robust and well-designed performance management systems that are customized as per their organizational needs. Our systems are designed to produce effective measurements that help to determine productivity and ultimately the success of an organization.

Competency Mapping

An organization’s capability to get more out of the available resources has increased due to the slowing economy around the world. This has led to high pressure on the individual employees. This is why it is important to correlate performance result with competencies, for which AUM will help an organization to built Competency Modeling which identifies the precise set of competencies and proficiency levels needed for every role in the organization and then using it for job-evaluation, recruitment, training and development, performance management, succession planning, etc.

Learning & Development

To assist our clients in optimizing their workforce productivity, AUM offers specialized HR improvement interventions. We help you implement HR strategies that align your business objectives with your workforce. Our Learning Programs, Coaching, Team building exercise, and assessments are designed after understanding the value system, short term and long term goals of our clients' businesses.

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