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Employment Verification

Manpower is an asset of every organization. Invest in the right talent. At AUM, our primary goal is to help our clients hire the right people. We will help protect your business by offering tailor-made background and verification services. A dedicated resource will be allocated to take care of the end-to-end verification and quality reporting process.

For added assurance about clean and incident-free past, we conduct verifications in the following areas:

Education Check

Educational qualification is one of the factors that aid in the shortlisting of a candidate for any role. Most of the time candidates provide fabricated education history that has become troublesome for recruiters. Our education verification service helps you to discover the candidate’s education history by scrutinizing the major courses including the degree/diploma received and time frame when the degree was awarded.

Employment Check

We conduct pre/post-employment verification services which help to weed out candidates who fabricate their employment history.

Identity Check

We verify the Government-issued identity documents to determine the authenticity of a candidate’s identity.

Address Check

We verify the current and permanent address provided by the candidate by physically visiting the place.

Reference check

Conducting reference checks allows an organization to asses a candidate’s conduct and behavior in the workplace. We will contact the professional references provided by the applicant to verify the info proffered by the candidate during the interview or pre-interview screening and asses a candidate’s on-job competencies and special skills.

Criminal Check

We conduct criminal checks to bring to the fore, any past convictions, criminal or civil related to the candidate. Our team carries out reliable and professional criminal background check by verifying the candidate’s Government records pertaining to his/her nationality and jurisdictions at multiple levels.

Drug Screening

In order to rule out any history of substance abuse in the recent, we collect blood and urine samples of the candidates and test them at laboratories of repute.

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